Thinking about Downsizing?

As director of Fancy Finds, one of my favorite parts of my job is helping clients with downsizing! As I have walked with people on their journey to reduce their amount of belongings, I’ve noticed a pattern. What might begin with sadness, stress or other difficult emotions invariably gives way to clients embracing the process! Once they start to let go of a few things, they see the world didn’t end. They experience the freedom that living with less can bring. They begin to view life and aging more positively—and with more options!

I witnessed downsizing the first time 20 years ago when my parents moved from a sprawling nine-bedroom home where they raised seven kids to a more manageable three-bedroom home. They were in their early-50s and even though my mother struggled with the decision, she was soon happy spending time on things more fun than cleaning a huge house!

Emotional attachment to objects is, at first, the toughest part of downsizing. Even appliances can take on lives of their own. Twenty years ago, it was just a chafing dish. But today, it has become a symbol of dinner parties and younger, maybe happier, days. Letting go of the dish acknowledges those days might be gone.

Even though beginning the downsizing process can be difficult, I’ve seen transformations happen many times. Practice makes perfect! People get a taste of freedom and they like it. They even begin to like the idea of never throwing another dinner party! They go back to that first closet or cupboard and clear out even more things.

Fancy Finds and their clients share the profits from downsizing sales. The portion Fancy Finds receives benefits the ministries of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH). My clients like knowing that when they call on Fancy Finds for assistance they are enriching the lives of children, families, developmentally disabled adults and frail-aging adults served by BCH. They also like knowing that their beloved items will be purchased by someone who truly wants them and will care for them.

Holding a downsizing sale allows people to better manage their number of possessions. It provides an easy way to declutter and destress. And, downsizing also brings in cash! There are no upfront costs and Fancy Finds handles everything about preparing for and conducting the sale. Unsold items remain the property of the client—or they can be donated to Fancy Finds upscale resale shop.

The resale shop is located on the Mills Home Campus of Baptist Children’s Homes in Thomasville at 201-E Idol St. The shop features retro, vintage, antique and many personally repurposed items. We’re open the first and third weekend of each month. Stop by and see us and let me personally talk with you about how downsizing can make a difference not only in your life but in the life of others.

Renee Gregory, director of Fancy Finds, is available to discuss your downsizing or estate sale needs. Contact Renee at 704.909.8223 or


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